Sanitas Manicure Pedicure Set SMA 35


With 7 high-quality sapphire and felt attachments
2-speed levels
Forward/reverse operation
Including storage bag and protective cap for nail dust
For well-groomed hands and feet
Sapphire cone: For removing dry skin, calluses or calluses on the sole and heel, as well as for nails
Sapphire disc, fine: For filing and working the nails, with fine grain
Sapphire disc, course: For filing and processing nails, with coarse grain
Sapphire Corneal Sander: For quickly removing thick calluses or large calluses on the sole and heel
Flame cutter: For loosening ingrown nails
Cylindrical Cutter: For grinding and rough smoothing of woody toenail surfaces
Felt Cone: For smoothing and polishing the nail edge after filing, as well as for cleaning the nail surface
Powerful network operation with gearbox

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