REVIEW Profi + Multi-Purpose Detector 5-IN-1 Model-No.: HG02404

IAN: 298736

Multi-Purpose Detector
Large, easy to read LC-display with backlight
Memory for adding lengths, areas and volumes
5-in-1 function:

  1. Ultrasonic distance measurement (approx. 0.6 – 16m) with length, area and volume calculation, and interchangeable unit of measurement (m/ft)
  2. Wooden substructure detection up to a depth of approx. 38mm
  3. Electric cable detection up to a depth of approx. 35mm
  4. Metal detection up to a depth of approx. 24mm
  5. Integrated marking laser with up to 10m range including spirit level for aligning tiles, suspended cupboards, etc.
    Includes 1x 9V battery + instruction manual

Technical data:
Ultrasonic distance
measurement Detects: Wood, AC
wires, metal
Laser class: 2
Max. power output (Pmax): 1mW
Wave length: 635–660nm
Power supply: 9V block battery

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