Parkside Automatic Welding Helmet PSHL 2 B1

IAN: 314800


With integrated LED for optimal illumination of the work area – can be activated separately
Optimal protection through automatic darkening when the arc is ignited
Sensor-controlled system with a very short response time (DIN EN 379, class
UV / IR protection: DIN 16
Suitable for all common welding processes
Automatic shading control – for comfortable, uninterrupted work
Automatic lightening when the welding process is finished
Infinitely adjustable DIN protection level with side adjusting wheel
Also adjustable for flying sparks during grinding work
Lightweight head-hugging helmet with adjustable headband
Always ready for use thanks to integrated solar cell
Suitable for ambient temperatures from -5 to 55 ° C
Welding helmet: polyamide
Protective glass unit: plastic, metal
Black: approx. W 22.2 x H 24.4 x D 29.4 cm
Flames: approx. W 21.6 x H 23.8 x D 29.6 cm
Field of vision: approx. W 9.2 x H 4.2 cm
Weight (including battery)
Black: approx. 490 g
Flames: approx. 495 g

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