Parkside Paint Sprayer PFS 400 A1

IAN: 307721


Non-slip soft grip equipment
Uniform application of paint on smooth and structured surfaces
Suitable for standard paints, varnishes and glazes with a viscosity of up to 70 DIN-sec
Adjustable spray gun with integrated 400 watt blower
2 insertable nozzles (Ø 1.8 mm / Ø 2.6 mm)
3 spray patterns that can be set independently of the nozzle: round jet, horizontal and vertical flat jet
Unscrewable 900 ml paint container
Max. Water flow: 800 ml / min
Container volume: 900 ml
Technical specifications
Nominal consumption: 400 W.
Max. Water flow: 800 ml / min
Container volume: 900 ml
scope of delivery
2x nozzles (Ø 1.8 mm and 2.6 mm)
1x viscosity measuring cup
1x cleaning brush
1x cleaning needle
1x filter
Plastic housing motor and handle: polyamide, glass fiber (PA6 + GF30)
Housing spray head: polypropylene, glass fiber (PP – GF30)
Tank: hard polyethylene (HDPE)
Paint spray system: W 284 x D 296 x H 134 mm
Cleaning brush: W 190 x L 74 mm
Cleaning needle: L 100.5 x Ø 21.2 x Ø 0.8 mm
1.8 mm nozzle: W 39.8 x L 24.5 mm
2.6 mm nozzle: W 39.8 x L 24.5 mm
Viscosity measuring cup: H 127 x Ø 53 x Ø 9 mm
Paint spray system: approx. 1320 g
Cleaning brush: approx.4.2 g
Cleaning needle: approx. 0.7 g
1.8 mm nozzle: approx.7.6 g
2.6 mm nozzle: approx.7.6 g
Viscosity measuring cup: approx. 14.5 g

2 Replies to “Parkside Paint Sprayer PFS 400 A1”

  1. I have a new Parkside PFS 400 A1 Paint Sprayer. First time to use but unfortunately I got the paint viscosity (emulsion) wrong and now it is clogged. Tried cleaning the nozzle and tried to spray water through it but still clogged further in.
    Is there a way of unclogging the internal parts, other than those in the manual? All help greatly appreciated.

  2. Dismantle and soak in thinkers.
    If this does not clear the nosel try compressed air or thin wire (fuse wire). Good luck. J

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