Parkside Petrol Pressure Washer PHDB 4 C3

IAN: 327193

Petrol Pressure Washer PHDB 4 C3
Makes light work of cleaning even the dirtiest of surfaces
Mobile with no power cables – ideal for locations with no plug sockets
Powerful and durable 4 stroke petrol engine with 3.3kW power output
Smooth pull starter with electronic ignition
Protection in case of low oil level
Sturdy frame with large wheels for good maneuverability
Integrated 1.2L detergent tank with automatic mixing when in low pressure mode
Ergonomic spray gun with trigger protection
Sturdy stainless steel lance with quick nozzle connection
4 high-pressure nozzles with application-optimised sprays, from jet to wide spray (spray angles 0°/15°/25°/40°)
1 low-pressure foam nozzle for using with detergent
With rewindable hose storage as well as practical nozzle storage mounts
Easy water connection with standard garden hose connector systems
Can also be used independently of mains water thanks to an integrated water suction function (maximum lift 0.5m)

2 Replies to “Parkside Petrol Pressure Washer PHDB 4 C3”

  1. Hi i am looking for a replacement part for my parkside PHDB 4 C3 petrol washer.The only way i can describe the part i need is that it is some type of valve located opposite the water feed side

    1. Hi William, I am pleased to have come across this issue, you are experiencing with your Parkside pressure washer. I have the PHD 4 C3 this appears to relate to the issue I am experiencing. Taking this part off the machine, really didn’t show me anything. The washer simply can’t maintain full pressure. I’ve cleaned all the obvious mesh filters etc.

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