SilverCrest Hand Mixer Set SHMS 300 A1

Batidora amasadora SHMS 300 A1 Sbattitore con ciotola Batidora amasadora Sbattitore con ciotola Conjunto de batedeira Hand Mixer Set Handmixer-Set

IAN: 66221

With a range of accessories
Versatile kitchen appliance for blending, mixing, whipping and kneading
Powerful 300W motor with 5 high-output speed settings and turbo boost
Stand with mixer holder for ease of use and anti-fatigue
Removable hand mixer can be used separately without stand
With immersion blender attachment for hand-held use
Large removable rotating mixing bowl
Practical splash guard lid with feed opening
Extra stability with sucker feet
10 piece set
Accessories: 2 x stainless steel beaters and dough hooks (suitable for dishwashers), 1 x blender attachment with stainless steel blade, 1 x plastic spatula
Capacity (mixing bowl): approx. 2.5l
Power consumption: 300 watts
Dimensions: approx. 21.8 x 35.3 x 30.8cm (W x H x D)
Practical splash guard

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