Miomare Folding Bath Screen

Badewannen-Faltwand Folding bathtub screen Paroi pliante pour baignoires
Mampara plegable para baňera Rescuardo para banheira Vouwwand voor het bad Vanová zástěna – skládací Vanová zástena – skladacia Preklopna pregrada za kadu Zložljiva stena za kopalno kad

IAN: 56469

with easy-care drip decor
Optimal spray protection with adjustable and perfectly fitting joins
6 sealed sections for the bath and ceiling joins and high-quality wall connection with pre-assembled seal
Built-in spray guard seals between folding segments
Robust aluminium frame with precise joints for extra stability
Space-saving foldable panels
Can be mounted on left- or right-hand side
Joint at wall connection can be rotated to the inside or outside (optional depending on installation)
Easy to assemble – includes assembly materials and instructions
Dimensions unfolded: approx. 127 x 140cm (W x H)
Dimensions folded: approx. 44 x 7cm (W x D)
Frosted imitation glass
[A:] Frame colour: aluminium
[B:] Frame colour: white
Decoration not included”

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