UnitedOffice Drawing Board

Tablero de dibujo Tabuleiro de desenho Drawing Board Zeichenplatte Tavola da disegno Instrucciones de utilización y de seguridad Instruções de utilização e de segurança

IAN: 54183

For accurate and clean work in up to A3 size for school, hobby and work
One-handed, lockable parallel T-square
Also suitable for left-handed use
Transparent T-square for vertical and horizontal use
Dual guide slot for optimal stability and easy guiding
Long locking rail with dual scale
Dimensions: approx. 49 x 37 x 3.8 cm (W x D x H)
One-handed guide handle with locking mechanism and free wheel change
2 magnetic clamping bars for measuring accurate angles and drawing the paper
With 4x scale, protractor and parallel offset lines
Breakproof plastic base with dual scale and non-slip rubber feet
Sufficient space for untrimmed paper formats
Decoration not included.

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