AquaPur Aluminium Rotary Clothes Dryer

IAN: 68689

With 8 extra clothes hangers
Strong and lightweight, weighs 3.3kg
Easy to open and close with one hand with locking function
Height-adjustable and freely rotatable for hanging up and taking down clothes easily
Taut washing-lines with patented line clamps
Washing line length approx. 53m for up to 6 washing machine loads
Includes practical screw-in ground sleeve
UV-resistant, frost-resistant and corrosion-resistant
Includes protective cover with a convenient zipper
Dimensions: lateral span width approx. 210cm, diagonal approx. 295cm, height approx. 175cm
Height adjustable from approx. 140-175cm
Diameter of the vertical tube: approx. 5cm
Maximum load 150kg

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