Sanitas Digital Thermometer

IAN: 86614


Measuring methods: Temperature measurement in the
anus (rectal)
This method of measurement is most reliable and most accurate.
Guide the tip of the thermometer carefully 2 to 3 cm into the anus.
The measurement time with this thermometer at this site is only
about 45 seconds. The end of the measuring time is indicated by
an signal tone.
Measurement in the mouth cavity (oral)
For this purpose, guide the tip of the thermometer carefully into one
of the heat pouches beneath the tongue, to the left or the right of
the root of the tongue.
Measurement of temperature in the armpit (axillary)
This method of measurement is relatively inaccurate. Therefore, it
cannot be recommended from a medical point of view.
Mode of Recommended time Mean divergence
measurement required for measurement to the rectal method
in the anus until the acoustic signal –
in the oral cavity until the acoustic signal -0.4°C to -1.5°C
in the armpit minimum 10 minutes -0.7°C to -2.0°C
Press the On/Off switch to turn the unit on. A short acoustic signal
will announce that it is switched on. The thermometer will carry out
a self-test for about 2 seconds. During the self-test all segments
of the display will be visible. Then “Lo °C” or the value of the last
measurement will appear in the display. Then the reference value of
37°C will appear. When you release the button the flashing symbol
“°C” appears and “Lo °C” is shown on the display. The thermometer is now ready for use. During the measurement, the current
temperature is displayed continuously, and the “°C” symbol flashes
on and off. The measurement is completed when a stable temperature has been reached. An acoustic signal (10 long beeps) sounds,
the “°C” symbol stops flashing and the measured temperature is
displayed. So long as the temperature is less than 32°C, the “°C”
symbol continues to flash and “Lo °C” is shown on the display.
Higher values are displayed directly, e.g. 32.1°C. If there is no
measurement after about 15 seconds, i.e. the temperature remains
below 32°C, an acoustic signal sounds several times and the
display shows “Lo °C”. If temperatures over 37.8°C are measured,
a fever alarm (30 short beeps in 10 seconds) sounds. If temperatures over 43.0°C are measured, the symbol for “Hi °C” appears.
The measurement time is very quick compared to conventional
thermometers and is only 45 seconds for the rectal measurement.

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