SilverCrest Digital Meat Thermometer

IAN: 66488

For perfectly cooked meats
Determines the ideal core temperature and cooking time
Adjustable target temperature – alarm signal sounds once the desired temperature has been reached
Preprogrammed cooking times for various types of meat, fish and cooking phases
Easy to use:
• Insert probe into the centre of the roast
• Guide heat-resistant cable outward through the slit in the closed oven door
Portable control unit (receiver) with belt clip – wireless connection to the base
Easy-to-read LCD display with blue LED backlight
Built-in timer with countdown function (settings from 59 seconds – 99 minutes)
Manual on and off switch on receiver and base
Includes 4 x AAA batteries (1.5V)
Measuring range: 0-250°C (32-482°F)
Decoration not included
For probe only
Portable control unit

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