Parkside Domestic Water Pump PHWW 1200 A1

Hauswasserwerk / Domestic Water Pump / Pompe d’alimentation en eau PHWW 1200 A1

IAN: 304645

Domestic Water Pump PHWW 1200 A1
For an automatic domestic water supply using water from wells and tanks
Also great for garden irrigation
Constant pressure means your water supply is always available
Maintenance-free 1200W electric motor with high pump capacity
Pump with a filter basket – improves the water quality and prevents the pump from getting contaminated
High-quality 24L stainless steel pressure tank
Easy water drainage with screw cap
Pressure gauge with bar and PSI scales
Preset switch-off pressure: 3 bar
Splashproof on/off switch
Stable feet with holes for easy floor mounting
Practical carry handle

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  1. Bom Dia,
    Desejo saber qual é o consumo desta bomba, que adquiri, em Amperes.
    Esta informação não é indicada na bomba mas é essencial para escolher um Disjuntor Térmico de regulação do consumo, para proteger a bomba

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