Parkside Inspection Camera PKIK 4.3 A1

IAN: 315439

Inspection Camera
Ideal for repairs and maintenance around the house and for the car
Can be used to inspect small hollow spaces, pipes or hard-to-reach areas
Also suitable for damp environments (e.g. drain pipes)
Micro-camera is connected to the hand-held monitor via flexible gooseneck
Waterproof camera probe and gooseneck (Ø 8mm) with 6 white LEDs with 8 brightness settings – IP67 certified
This is a speciality light suitable as a work light, not as room lighting.
Separate brightness control of the display and LEDs on the hand-held unit (display shows brightness level)
Image capture for up to 100 pictures
2x zoom function
Black & white function
Picture comparison function
Micro-USB port for corded file transfer, e.g. to your laptop or tablet

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