Parkside LED 360° Work Light PLAL 1 A1

IAN: 327526

LED 360° Work Light PLAL 1 A1
Uniform all-round illumination with high light output
Long-life LED module with cool white light
Housing is dust and splash-resistant (IP54 – does not apply to the power sockets)
With integrated hook for hanging
2 splash-resistant mains sockets with hinged lids for connecting additional devices (IPX4 – applies to the power sockets only)
Weather-protected switch

One Reply to “Parkside LED 360° Work Light PLAL 1 A1”

  1. I bought the Parkside LED 360 Work Light
    6 weeks ago, and would like to buy another one.
    Can you tell me if I can order one through you or
    if not where I might get one please?

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