SilverCrest Cordless Stereo Headphones

IAN: 66883

With built-in FM scan radio
Cordless headphones with up to 85m (open area) transmission range
Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery (duration up to 17 hrs) for enjoying music throughout the house without wires
Balanced sound pattern and optimal bass response for high sound quality
Digital 2.4GHz technology and PLL circuit for powerful, noiseless signal transmission – even through ceilings and walls
Base with battery charger and digital 2.4GHz wireless transmitter with automatic frequency alignment
Low weight and ergonomic design – volume control on the headphones for optimal freedom of movement
Adjustable padded headband for a comfortable fit – with large ear cushions for extra comfort
Base station and headphones can also be operated via standard batteries (batteries not included)
Connect headphones directly to the source for wired use
Contents: base station, headphones, 1x 2m and 1x 4m audio cable, jack adaptor (6.3 to 3.5mm), stereo cinch adaptor (to 3.5mm jack receptacle), mains adaptor
Includes instructions for use with service information
Dimensions: transmitter: 188 x 156 x 65mm (W x H x D); headphones: 205 x 200 x 85mm (W x H x D)
Adjustable padded headband
Volume control on the headphones

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