Lupilu Baby Gym / Sit-On Donkey

IAN: 303313

Various functions to discover

1 x Baby gym
1 x Instructions for use

Intended use
This product is a toy for children aged 0 years
and above and is for private use.


  1. To use the arch in upright position, undo the
    hook-and-loop fastener (1a) and unfold the
    product (1) (fig. A).
  2. Place the product on an even and stable
  3. To use the arch spread out, undo each hookand-loop fastener (1d) from the arch (1c) and
    pull the ends of the arch out of the play mat
    (1b) (fig. B).
  4. Fold the arch (1c) down so that it lies on the

Fold the product up.
2.Close the product using the hook-and-loop
fastener (1a) (fig. A).
Note: The hook-and-loop fastener (1a) is also
suitable for carrying the product.

Storage, cleaning
When not in use, always store the product clean
and dry at room temperature. To clean the play
mat (1b) undo the hook-and-loop fasteners
(1d/1e) and separate the play mat from the
arch (1c) (figs. B/C).
IMPORTANT! Never clean the product with
harsh cleaning agents.
Arch and squeaky mobile:
Simply clean the product with a damp cloth and
wipe dry afterwards.

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