Crelando Watercolour Paints

IAN: 322157
• Watercolour Paints
• Create wonderful colour gradients and washes
• Suitable for all watercolour techniques

Please read the following tips before you begin painting.
Warning! Water paints can leave stubborn stains. When painting, wear an overall or old clothes, and cover the floor and
• Before first use: Prick the paint tube’s foil using the cap’s pin (Fig. A).
• After painting, close the tubes tightly After each use.
• When painting, make sure that you have enough light and space. The picture must dry thoroughly between each layer
of paint; you should therefore only paint in a well ventilated place.
• Clean your brushes after each use. Clean the brush with curd soap and lukewarm water.
• Strip the brush with dry cloth. Bring the bristles in the original shape.
• Store the brushes in a jar, bristles up, let it dry.
The packaging is made entirely of recyclable materials, which you may dispose of at local recycling facilities.
Contact your local refuse disposal authority for more details of how to dispose of your worn-out product.
Disposing of the packaging
Dispose of all packaging components in an environmentally friendly manner.

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