AquaPur Rotary Clothes Dryer

ROTARY CLOTHES DRYER with quick tensioning system

IAN: 290775

Rotary Clothes Dryer
With quick tensioning system
Quick and easy opening and closing
Smooth one-hand lever with safety lock
Equally taut lines with integrated clamping system
Washing lines with dirt-repelling coating
UV-, frost- and corrosion-resistant
Sturdy construction with central pole and support arms made from anodised, corrosion-resistant aluminium
Height adjustable (approx. 172 or 180cm) and freely rotatable for convenient hanging up and taking down
Usable washing line length approx. 51m (total length approx. 52.8m) for up to 6 washing machine loads
8 windproof clothes hanger holders
Protective cover with approx. 80cm long zip for easy fitting
Includes ground anchor with waterproof cover and tool for ground-level installation
Lateral span width approx. 2.1m, folded-out diameter approx. 2.97m
Central pole diameter: approx. 5cm
Ground anchor also suitable for installation
Max. load on frame support: 100kg

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