FloraBest Garden Hose Set 13mm (½’), 20m

IAN: 270727

Garden Hose Set 13mm (½’), 20m
Complete set with hose, spray nozzle and connectors
1 permanently flexible and shape-retaining garden hose with reinforced canvas
1 adjustable sprayer
1 hose piece and 1 water-stop hose piece
1 tap piece for connections with 26.44mm thread (G¾’)
High compressive strength (burst pressure approx. 27 bar)
Weather-, UV- and temperature-resistant (-10 to +60°C)
Set total length: approx. 20m
Ø hose: approx. 13mm (½’)
Operating pressure: 6 bar

Complete set with hose, syringe and connections
Weather, UV and temperature resistant (-10 to +60 ° C)
Operating pressure: max. 6 bar
Suitable for all common 13 mm plug systems (½ “)
scope of delivery
1 permanently elastic and dimensionally stable garden hose with cross fabric reinforcement
1 infinitely adjustable syringe
1 hose section and 1 water stop hose section
1 tap piece for connections with 26.44 mm thread (G¾ “)
Hose: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), phthalates <0.1%
Cross fabric made of polyester
Plastic fittings, syringe: polypropylene (PP), acrylonitrile / butadiene / styrene (ABS)
Tap connection, hose section and water stop: polypropylene (PP)
Ø hose: approx. 13 mm (½ “)
Length: approx. 20 m
Hose: approx.2.7 kg
Accessories: approx. 90 g

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