Melinera 3D Rope Light Figure


IAN: 74422

For indoor and outdoor use

Delivery scope
1 3D rope light figure
For Z30888A/B/C/ E / F-BS:
4 Ground spikes
For Z30888D-BS:
4 Cable ties
2 Screws
2 Dowels
1 Operating instructions
Description of parts
1 3D rope light figure
2 Mains plug
For Z30888A/B/C/ E / F-BS:
3 Ground stake
For Z30888D-BS:
4 Cable ties
5 Screw
6 Dowel
Technical data
Operating voltage: 220–240V ∼ 50Hz,
temperature: from -15°C to +30°C

Protection class:
IP class: IP44 (spray water protected)
Bulbs: 6.5V∼, 0.455W
max. 16.38W per meter,
36 bulbs per meter
Rated power: Z30888A-BS: max. 98.28W,
Z30888B-BS: max. 81.9W,
Z30888C-BS: max. 131.04W,
Z30888D-BS: max. 65.52W,
Z30888E-BS: max. 98.28W,
Z30888F-BS: max. 114.66W
The bulbs are not replaceable.

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