Parkside Lawn Sprinkler / Dial Sprinkler

PARKSIDE lawn sprinkler / sprinkler, including fine filter, 4 bar operating pressure

IAN: 311756

Lawn Sprinkler / Dial Sprinkler

Suitable for all standard 12.7 mm plug systems (½ “)
Incl. Fine filter
Lawn sprinkler:
Stepless flow regulation
Freely adjustable irrigation sector (swivel range up to approx. 90 °)
Aluminum swivel arm with 18 brass nozzles
Robust steel-aluminum frame with gear housing
Incl. Nozzle cleaning mandrel
Lawn sprinkler:
Easily adjustable sprinkler disc with 9 irrigation modes
Incl. Fine propeller atomization for gentle irrigation
Robust base plate made of aluminum
Technical specifications
Connection: plug-in system 12.7 mm (½ “)
Operating pressure: max. 4 bar
Lawn sprinkler:
Max. Irrigation area (at 4 bar): approx. 163 m²
Irrigation area: one or both sides
Lawn sprinkler:
Irrigation area (at 4 bar): up to approx. 78 m²
Irrigation modes: 9 surface shapes
Lawn sprinkler: approx. Ø 4.8 x 14 mm
Lawn sprinkler: approx. Ø 21.5 cm x 2.1 mm
Lawn sprinkler: approx. 1080 g
Lawn sprinkler: approx. 394 g

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