PARKSIDE spray gun, with non-slip soft grip coating, lockable trigger

High-quality aluminum design with non-slip soft grip coating
Plug-in connection compatible with all common garden irrigation systems
Ergonomic shape with lockable trigger – immediately released again with light pressure
The amount of water can be metered continuously
Multi-function shower head: with 10 settings, from a powerful full jet to a gentle spray
Cleaning syringe: Infinitely adjustable from a powerful full jet to a fine spray
Aluminum, acrylonitrile / butadiene / styrene (ABS), thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
Multifunction shower: approx. H 20 x L 12.8 x ø 6.8 cm
Cleaning syringe: approx.H 17.8 x L 12.6 x ø 4 cm
Multifunction shower: approx. 263 g
Cleaning syringe: approx. 235 g

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