Parkside small parts range, in a practical storage box

PARKSIDE® small parts assortment, in a practical storage box 1


Clearly sorted in a practical storage box
Assortment of hooks and eyes:
For fastening eg decoration in wood
151 pieces
Shrink tubing range:
For the safe and splash-proof connection of cables etc.
127 pieces
Assortment of blind rivets:
For easy connection of different materials such as sheet metal, cardboard etc.
320 pieces
Sealing ring assortment:
For sealing pipes etc. a
125 pieces
Hose clamp assortment:
For secure attachment of hoses – continuously adjustable
26 pieces
a Do not use in food or drinking water pipes!
Assortment of hooks and eyes: steel
Shrink tubing range: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Assortment of blind rivets: aluminum, steel
Sealing ring assortment: silicone
Hose clamp assortment: carbon steel
approx. 208 x 114 x 33 mm
Assortment of hooks and eyes: approx. 545 g
Shrink tube assortment: approx. 128 g
Assortment of blind rivets: approx. 360 g
Sealing ring assortment: approx. 119 g
Hose clamp assortment: approx. 510 g

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