PowerFix Profi + pin punch / striking tool set, 6 pieces, in metal box


High quality tool made of chrome vanadium steell
In a stable metal box for safe storage
Pin punch and punch set:
3 x pin punch: For driving out and countersinking rivets, pins, spring pins or bolts
3 x punch: for punching sheet metal
Combo striking tool set:
2 x flat chisels: For removing excess concrete or mortar residues
1 x cross chisel: for chiselling narrow grooves or inner edges
2 x punch: For punching sheet metal
1 x punch: For marking and pre-stamping drilling points on metal surfaces
6 pieces

Chrome vanadium steel (Cr-V) (58Cr-V4)
Steel storage case: with polypropylene (PP) handle

Pin punch and punch set
3 x pin punch: approx. L 150 x Ø 3 mm, L 150 x Ø 5 mm, L 150 x Ø 8 mm
3 x punch: approx. L 150 x Ø 3 mm, L 150 x Ø 5 mm, L 150 x Ø8 mm
Combo striking tool set
2 x flat chisels: approx. L 130 x W 12 mm, L 150 x W 15 mm
1 x cross chisel: approx. L 130 x D 4 mm
2 x punches: approx. L 120 x Ø 3 mm, L 150 x Ø 4 mm
1 x grains: approx. L 120 x Ø 4 mm

Pin punch and punch set
Total (including cassette): approx. 775 g per set
Pin punch and punch: approx. 535 g
Storage case: approx. 240 g
Combo striking tool set
Total (including storage case): approx. 755 g
Combo striking tool: approx. 510 g
Storage case: approx. 245 g

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