SilverCrest microwave SMW 800 E2

SILVERCREST® microwave SMW 800 E2 1

IAN: 321962

With grill and 10 automatic programmes
Versatile – use for reheating, cooking, defrosting and grilling
11 power settings: 8 microwave power settings (100-800W), 1 grill power setting and 2 combo power settings (microwave plus grill)
With defrost function (by weight and time), quick start function and child safety lock
Convenient operation via the dial for selecting programmes and cooking times
Multifunctional LCD screen
Digital 12/24 hour clock, cooking delay, end of cycle signal and 95-minute kitchen timer


Versatile – for heating, cooking, thawing, grilling and gratinating
11 power levels: 8 microwave power levels (100 – 800 W), 1 grill power level and 2 combination power levels (microwave and grill)
With defrost function (by weight and time), quick start function and child lock
Convenient one-hand operation with rotary control for setting and confirming
Digital 12/24 hour clock, delay start, cooking end signal and 95-minute kitchen timer
Including glass turntable and stainless steel grill stand
Automatic programs: drinks, meat, reheating, rice, pasta, fish, chicken, potatoes, popcorn, vegetables

Technical specifications

Cooking space volume: approx. 20 l
Power: microwave: 800 W, grill: 1,000 W

Housing: steel
Turntable: glass
Grill grate / feet: rubber

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  1. I need to remove the bleeper from my microwave as it is shrill and too loud, irritating even my neighbours.
    Where is the device for removing the bleeper noise.

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