Tronic battery “Ready 2 Use”, 4 pieces, Mignon-Ni-MH, rechargeable, metal construction

TRONIC® Akku »Ready 2 Use«, 4 Stück, Mignon-Ni-MH, wiederaufladbar, Metallkonstruktion 1

Preloaded – for immediate use
Powerful and reliable energy solution
Leakproof metal construction
Gas tight
Fast charging
Low self-discharge: 75% remaining after 1 year
Up to 1,000 charging cycles
4 pieces
Technical specifications
AA / Mignon / HR6 / HRMRI6 15/51
Charging time / charging current: 7 hours / 480 mA
2,400 mAh capacity
1.2 V
NiMH battery
AAA / Micro / HR03 / HRMRI03 11/45
Charging time / charging current: 7 hours / 190 mA
950 mAh capacity
1.2 V
NiMH battery
AA: approx. H 55 x W 14 mm
AAA: approx. H 44 x W 10 mm
AA: approx.28.5 g
AAA: approx.12.5 g
Always pay attention to the correct polarity (+/-) when inserting the batteries. Never use batteries of different systems and types together. The full charging capacity is reached after approx. 5 charging processes. Do not dispose of the batteries in household waste. Only dispose of fully discharged batteries – mask the poles if the battery is remaining charged.

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