UltimateSpeed Wheel Nut Wrench

IAN: 310971

Wheel Nut Wrench
For easy tyre changing
Increased leverage due to the adjustable handle – also loosens firmly tightened nuts
Rotating handle for easy unscrewing without changing your grip
With disassembly lever – for fast removal of wheel trims
Can be disassembled and stored flat
Includes 2 sockets (17/19 and 21/23mm) and storage bag

Scope of Delivery
Immediately after unpacking, please check
the package contents for completeness
and if the product and all parts are in good
condition. Do not under any circumstances
use the product if the package contents
are incomplete.
1 Handlebar
1 Lever handle with assembly lever end
2 Sockets: 17/19mm and 21/23mm
(12.5mm (½“) square socket)
1 Storage bag
1 Instructions for use

Technical Data
For wheel nuts and wheel bolts with width
across flats of: 17mm, 19mm, 21mm,
23mm and 12.5mm (½“) square socket
Total length of lever handle with assembly
lever end: approx. 40cm. Total length of
handlebar: approx. 24cm (without socket)

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