SilverCrest Robot Vacuum Cleaner SSR 3000 A1


IAN: 306041

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Easily cleans hard-to-reach areas
Programmable via remote control
Easy-to-empty dust container and washable HEPA filter
2 side brushes for efficient cleaning
With 10 sensitive anti-crash sensors and 3 anti-fall sensors
Display with LED controls
Power: 20W
Suction power: 0.5kPa
Dust container capacity: 0.3L
Super quiet: <68dB during operation
Includes: charging base, mains cable, remote control, 2 replacement side brushes, 1 cleaning brush, 1 replacement filter

One Reply to “SilverCrest Robot Vacuum Cleaner SSR 3000 A1”

  1. Hi! I purchased a Silvercrest SSRA1 back in early 2019. I have noticed that this little marvel should be able to connect through Amazon Alexa to allow voice activation.

    However, I have also noticed that the most recent sale of the product here in the UK (Dec 2020) used the code SSRA1 AX – although the box, parts and manual appear to be the same as my 2019 purchase.

    So I am wondering if the SSRA1 AX is actually different hardware/software? When I try to enable the SILVERCREST SSRA1 AX Alexa smart skill, I am unable to link the account that created in the device app. Installing the EU version of the app allowed me to create a new account and this one did allow me to login, and although the voice commands appear to work, they do not control the device.

    Attempting to set up the device within the EU app fails during WiFi initialisation…

    Googling for assistance has so far proved fruitless, so thanks in advance for any assistance you are able to provide. Please could you email me any help that you are able to provide. Thanks once again…

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