Ernesto Kushino Knife

IAN: 330906

Kushino Knife
Extra sharp, non-stick coated, stainless steel blade
With blade guard
Suitable for dishwashers

How to sharpen your knife with a knife sharpener
Select the right opening for your knife.
Place the knife blade with the rear end into the slot of the
knife sharpener and pull the entire blade with light pressure
in your direction. Repeat the process if your knife should not
be sharp enough.
Wipe the knife with a soft cloth to remove abrasive particles
after sharpening.
Clean the knives by hand using a commercially
available cleaning agent and warm water. Avoid using
aggressive and abrasive cleaning agents.
Always clean the knives immediately after each use –
especially after cutting acidic foods. Food residue
might otherwise cause discoloration or flash rust. Use a
soft cloth to dry the blades afterwards.
We recommend to not clean the product in a

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