Zoofari Dog dental care toy, snack ball, travel food bowl or upholstery / universal brush

ZOOFARI® dog / cat range 1

Dental care toys:
For medium to large dogs
Cares for the teeth and massages the gums while playing, retrieving or exercising
Movable knob rings clean teeth and interdental spaces
Made of resilient, durable rubber
Length: about 15 cm
Snack ball:
For cats and small to medium sized dogs
Snack labyrinth for long fun – filled treats gradually fall out
Promotes activity and endurance in a playful way
Ideal for retrieving, training or for independent employment
Made of tooth-friendly, durable rubber
Dimensions: approx. Ø 8 cm
Travel bowl:
Can be folded to save space
Durable, robust material
Including lid
Made of flexible silicone
Dishwasher safe
Suitable for dry and wet feed
Capacity: approx. 1 l
Upholstery / universal brush:
For removing animal hair from carpets, furniture and fabrics
Also suitable for grooming dogs and cats
With statically charged V-bristles for easy removal of dirt and dust
Easy cleaning: just rinse with water

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