Ernesto Aluminium Stock Pot


IAN: 327572

Aluminium Stock Pot
Bright and colourful
Healthier frying/ high-quality cooking surface so less oil is required
High-quality ceramic reinforced non-stick coating by ILAG® – easy to clean
Max. 160°C

Pots and pans in which fat is being heated up must never be left
unattended. Fat can very quickly overheat and ignite. Never try to
extinguish a fat fire with water. Cover the flames with a pot /pan
lid or a thick cloth.
Use heat resistant plastic or wooden kitchen utensils in order not to
damage the non-stick coating. Do not cut food directly in the pot.
Do not place meat which is still dripping with liquid into hot fat.
The fat splattering out on to a hot hob could easily cause a fire.
Save energy! To avoid heat loss, choose a hotplate with a
diameter that matches the diameter of the pot.
327572_1904 (24cm aluminium stock pot ) effective bottom
diameter: approx. 16cm
The item is suitable for keeping dishes warm inside the oven
without lid (max. 160°C for 1 hour).
High temperatures may discolour the exterior of the product. This
does not indicate faulty material, nor does it impair the product’s
quality or function.
Never hold the hot product under cold running water. The underside
of the product may be damaged or fall off.
This product is suitable for dishwasher.
Frequently cleaning of the product with harsh cleaners may
damage it and can cause discoloration.
Aluminium pieces may discolour when placed in the dishwasher

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  1. Ik wil graag deze pan kopen. Kan dat? Waar en wat kost die dan?
    Het is de ERnesto aluminium stock pot ian 327572_1904

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