Ernesto Stainless Steel Pan Set


IAN: 321526

Stainless Steel Pan Set
Energy-saving, gentle cooking with an encapsulated base
Quick and even heat distribution

Save energy! To avoid heat loss, choose a
hotplate with a diameter that matches the
diameter of the pot.
Effective bottom diameter: approx. 20cm
(Meat pot: ø 24cm)
Effective bottom diameter: approx. 16 cm
(Meat pot: ø 20cm)
Effective bottom diameter: approx. 16cm
(Vegetable pot: ø 20cm)
Effective bottom diameter: approx. 13cm
(Casserole pan: ø 16 cm)
Effective bottom diameter: approx. 13cm
(Saucepan: ø 16 cm)

Cleaning and care
Clean the pot with hot water and commercially
available washing-up liquid.
The product is suitable for the
For washing the pot by hand, use hot water
with a little ordinary washing-up liquid. Avoid
using sharp or pointed objects for this in order
not to damage the product.
Do not use harsh scouring agents.
In time, the minerals in the water could give
rise to stains or discolorations on the product.
You can get rid of them by rubbing half a lemon over them. More stubborn stains can be removed with a mixture of nine parts water to
one part vinegar essence.

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