Parkside Weed Burner Bio-Gärtner PBG A1

IAN: 331853

Weed Burner Bio-Gärtner PBG A1
Environmentally-friendly – no harmful chemicals
Ideal for organically removing weeds, for igniting charcoal, for de-icing, thawing, etc.
With practical piezo ignition and fine adjustment
Sturdy tube (approx. 72cm) with a precise burner
Handle with ergonomic, non-slip soft grip features
Includes gas cartridge (330g)

One Reply to “Parkside Weed Burner Bio-Gärtner PBG A1”

  1. goede middag, ik zou graag willen weten waar de bussen gas verkrijgbaar zijn.
    Met vriendelijke groet

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