Parkside Belt Sander PBS 900 C3


IAN: 315834

Belt Sander PBS 900 C3
On-off switch with dial for belt speed control
Integrated extraction function with removable dust collection box
Connection for external dust extraction
Simple sanding belt exchange with tool-free tensioning system
Optimal belt speed with manual adjustment
Ergonomic grips suitable for both left and right handers
Can also be used stationary
For standard sanding belts with dimensions 75 x 533mm (e.g. Parkside PBSZ 533 A1)

Package contents
Check the package contents immediately
after unpacking the appliance:
1 belt sander PBS 900 C3
1 abrasive belt
1 dust collector
1 dust extraction adapter and reducer
(for external dust extraction)
2 screw clamps
1 set of operating instructions
Technical details
Rated voltage: 230 V ∼ 50 Hz
(alternating current)
Rated power
consumption: 900 W
Idling belt speed: 240–400 m/min
Rated idling speed: n0
450–750 rpm
Abrasive belt: 75 x 533 mm
Protection class: II / (double insulation)
Noise emission value:
Noise measurement value determined in accordance
with EN 62841. The A-rated noise level of the tool
is typically:
Sound pressure level: LpA = 85 dB(A)
Uncertainty: KpA = 3 dB
Sound power level: LWA = 96 dB(A)
Uncertainty: KWA = 3 dB
Wear hearing protection!
Total vibration value:
Total vibration values (vector total of three directions) determined in accordance with EN 62841:
Vibration emission value: ah
≤ 6.6 m/s2
Uncertainty K = 1.5 m/s2

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