UltimateSpeed Axle Stands


IAN: 310469

Axle Stands
Load capacity up to 2000kg
Large saddle for optimal weight distribution
Height-adjustable in 6 steps: approx. 24 / 26.7 / 29.5 / 32.2 / 35 / 37.7cm
3 feet per stand for stability
With pin and chain load support
Folds away to save space
2 pack

Intended use
Only for private use – Jacking up a car for tire changes.
Technical specifications
Model number: HG03066
Max. load: 2000 kg (per axle stand)
Hub height I: 24 cm
Hub height II: 26.7 cm
Hub height III: 29.5 cm
Hub height IV: 32.2 cm
Hub height V: 35 cm
Hub height VI: 37.7 cm

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