UltimateSpeed Car Battery Charger ULGD 5.0 A1

IAN: 315321

Car Battery Charger ULGD 5.0 A1
Intelligent microprocessor control with diagnostics program and fully automatic charging process
For all 6V or 12V car and motorcycle batteries with 1.2-120Ah capacity
4 programs for optimal adaptation to battery type
LCD display for charging programs, voltage value and charge status

Scope of delivery
1 Car battery charger
1 Instructions for use
Parts description
See Figure A:
12 V / 0.8 A (Program 2)
12 V / 5.0 A (Program 3)
12 V / 5.0 A (Program 4)
6 V / 0.8 A (Program 1)
LED reverse connection
LED stand-by
Charge display
Condition display
Voltage display
Program selection button (►►►)
See Figure B:
Mains lead
Positive pole clamp (red)
Negative pole clamp (black)
Positive pole connector cable (red)
Negative pole connector cable (black)
Technical Data
Rated voltage: 220-240 V ∼ 50 Hz
(alternating current)
Rated power
consumption: 0.8 A
Rated output
DC voltage: 6 V /12 V
(direct current)
Rated output DC: 0.8 A/5.0 A
Fuse (internal): 2 A T2A
temperature: -20°C bis 50°C
Protection rating: IP 65
Protection class: II / (double shielded)
Battery types: 6 V lead acid battery
1.2 Ah -14 Ah
12 V Lead acid battery
1.2 Ah -120 Ah

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