Parkside Electric Hoist PSZ 600 A1


IAN: 320664

Electric Hoist PSZ 600 A1
Powerful electric motor with thermal overload protection
Automatic brake secures load – even during power outages
High-quality, torsion-free steel cable – prevents load twisting
Additional hook with integrated pulley for double load capacity
Automatic limit stop for winding and unwinding
Safety switch with emergency stop button
2 attachment brackets for mounting on a square tube or square swivel arm (square tube / square swivel arm not included)

Technical data
Rope Hoist PSZ 600 A1
Nominal voltage: 230 V~, 50 Hz
Nominal current: 4.6 A
Rated power: 1050 W
Duty type: S3 20 % 10 min:
Permissible load: 300 kg* | 600 kg**
Lifting height: 12 m* | 6 m**
Nominal speed: 8 m/min* | 4 m/min**
Steel cable diameter: 4.5 mm
Steel cable tensile
strength: 1770 N/mm²
Protection class: I
Drive group: M1
Degree of protection: IP54
Operating conditions
(Height above sea level:
Max. 1000 m):
0 to +40 °C
< 80 % relative humidity
Storage conditions: –25 to +55 °C
< 80 relative humidity
Net weight: 17.5 kg

*Set-up as fixed pulley
** Set-up as block and tackle with 2 rope hoists
and pulley
Duty type S3 20 % 10 min:
S3= Intermittent duty without influence of the
start-up process. Within a given 10 minute
period, the maximum operating time is 20 %
(2 minutes).

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