Playtive Junior expansion set

PLAYTIVE® JUNIOR expansion set 1

Locomotive shed:
Lovingly designed locomotive shed with shunting disk and 3 parking spaces
Including locomotive with magnetic coupling and conductor with trowel
Solid wood rails
13 pieces
Fire station:
Lovingly designed fire station with a slide and pole
Including fire engine with magnetic coupling and 2 figures with fire extinguisher
7 pieces
Track set:
Ideal for the Playtive Junior Railway
Extensive set of rails and switches made of European beech wood
For many creative construction variants
With 4 plastic bridge pillars
34 pieces
Street set:
Ideal for the Playtive Junior vehicles
Extensive road set made of solid wood
With level crossing and 3 traffic signs
12 pieces
Transport ship with removable roof and 3 magnetic containers
Loading crane can be swiveled through 360 ° with height-adjustable magnetic hook
1 pawn – captain
Locomotive and trailer with magnetic coupling
11 pieces
Promotes creativity, imagination and fine motor skills
Can be combined with other vehicle sets or the railroad from Playtive Junior
Compatible with standard wooden rail and wooden road sets
Made of real wood and plastic parts
Age recommendation: from 3 to 8 years
Locomotive shed:
Locomotive shed: approx. W 21.5 x H 10.3 x D 27 cm
Turning space: approx. Ø 15.4 cm
Fire station: approx. W 22 x H 20.3 x D 25.7 cm
Track set:
Track length: approx.3.5 m
Rail crossing: approx. W 15 x H 1.2 x D 18.5 cm
long, straight rail element: approx. W 4 x H 1.2 x D 22 cm
Road set: route length: approx. 1.5 m
Crane set including train: approx. W 12 x H 12.5 x D 31 cm
Ship: approx.W 6.3 x H 5.9 x D 22 cm
Locomotive shed: approx. 980 g
Fire station: approx. 995 g
Rail set: approx.1.1 kg
Road set: approx.1.195 kg
Port: approx. 420 g
WARNING!Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard as small parts can be swallowed or inhaled!

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