PlayTive Junior magnetic kit

PLAYTIVE® JUNIOR magnetic kit 1

Components that can be combined as required to build simple or complex 3D models
Promotes skill, creativity and fine motor skills in a playful manner
Easy to connect and separate surfaces
Numerous construction variants for endless fun
30 pieces: 18 square plates, 12 triangular plates
22 pieces: 12 square plates, 7 triangular plates, 2 axles with wheels, 1 double square plate
26 pieces: 12 square plates, 8 triangular plates, 2 trapezoidal plates, 4 isosceles triangular plates
24 pieces: 8 square plates, 8 triangular plates, 2 hexagon-shaped plates, 2 double square plates, 4 axles with wheels
Age recommendation: from 18 months

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