Parkside pliers, with 2-component design, with steel

Different pliers for different jobs in the house & garden
With 2-component handle for comfortable work
Color: red / black
Side cutters: approx. W 55 x H 25 x L 160 mm
Adjustable wrench: approx.W 61 x H 13 x L 205 mm
Combination pliers: approx. W 55 x H 25 x L 205 mm
Water pump pliers: approx. W 72 x H 28 x L 245 mm
Stripping pliers: approx. W 62 x H 24 x L 165 mm
Monier pliers: approx. W 72 x H 28 x L 230 mm
Telephone pliers: approx. W 54 x H 22 x L 180 mm
Pincers: approx.W 70 x H 24 x L 200 mm
Belt pliers: approx. W 90 x H 27 x L 220 mm
Side cutters: approx. 180 g
Adjustable wrench: approx. 285 g
Combination pliers: approx. 263 g
Water pump pliers: approx. 434 g
Stripping pliers: approx.B 175 g
Monier pliers: approx.B 340 g
Telephone pliers: approx.B 165 g
Pincers: approx. 330 g
Belt pliers: approx. 305 g

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