Parkside organizing and storage set, 75 pieces, 2 wall elements with viewing boxes

PARKSIDE® organization and storage set, 75 pieces, 2 wall elements with viewing boxes 1

2 sturdy wall elements with various display boxes and tool holders – can be arranged individually
75 pieces
Incl. Assembly material, stickers and instructions
scope of delivery
2 x plastic wall elements (each approx. 420 x 590 mm)
4 x large box (max.load 2 kg each)
8 x medium box (max.load 1.5 kg each)
16 x small box (max.load 1 kg each)
10 x hooks
1 x bit and drill holder for different drill sizes
1 x ring / combination key holder
1 x tool holder
Slotted wall: polypropylene (PP)
Boxes: polypropylene (PP)
Brackets: polypropylene (PP)
Hook: polypropylene (PP)
Wood screws: A3 steel
Dowel: polypropylene (PP)
Slotted wall: approx. 420 x 590 mm (approx.1.8 mm thick)
Box small: approx. 115 x 100 x 73 mm (approx.1.46 mm thick)
Medium box: approx. 165 x 100 x 73 mm (approx. 1.46 mm thick)
Box large: approx. 215 x 100 x 73 mm (approx.1.46 mm thick)
Hook: approx. L 49 mm
Bit and drill holder: approx. 164 x 49 mm (approx. 1.35 mm thick)
Tool holder: approx. 210 x 95 mm (approx. 1.4 / 3 mm thick)
Combination and combination wrench holders: approx. 218 x 68 mm (approx. 2.7 mm thick)
Wood screw: approx. Ø 5 x 30 mm (mounting accessories)
Plastic dowel: approx. Ø 6 mm
3.5 kg

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