Parkside compressor »PKO 500«, 50 l boiler, with 10 m pressure hose, continuously adjustable

Compressor with a low-noise 1.8 kW motor
Low-vibration and low-noise 1.8 kW motor (2.45 hp) with oil lubrication
50 liter boiler with condensation drain plug
Infinitely variable from 0 to approx. 10 bar
2 manometers with bar and PSI scale
Second connection for unregulated boiler pressure delivery
Easy to maintain, easy to clean air filter

Included accessories: 10 m pressure hose
Technical specifications

Connected load: approx.1.8 kW (2.45 PS)
Boiler volume: approx. 50 l
Suction rate: approx. 260 l / min
Operating pressure: adjustable up to approx. 10 bar
Effective delivery rate at 7 bar: approx. 103 l / min
3 m power cord

Air filter housing: polypropylene (PP)
Filter: filter sponge
Rubber foot (with mounting material): thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

approx. L 90 x W 38 x H 69 cm (including handle)
approx. 34 kg (without accessories)

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