PARKSIDE multi-welding machine »PMSG 200 A1«, with automatic cored wire feed, 4 m cable


4 welding processes: MMA (stick electrodes), cored wire, MIG (inert gas) and TIG (tungsten inert gas) I
For welding stainless steel, steel, iron and aluminum
Powerful compact device with robust metal housing and handle
Integrated, automatic cored wire feed in the side hinged lid compartment
Ergonomic MIG cored wire torch with soft grip equipment and 2 m supply line
MMA electrode holder and 2 m cable including ground cable
Easy setting of the welding parameters with 3 pressure switches and rotary controls
Selection of welding processes and flux cored wire
Selection of current (A / VRD) or voltage (U) with infinitely adjustable strength
Digital displays for welding current (A) and voltage (V)
Included accessories: 1 MMA electrode holder, 5 MMA welding electrodes (2 x 1.6 mm, 2 x 2.0 mm, 1 x 2.5 mm), 1 MIG cored wire torch, 200 g steel cored wire, 200 g aluminum Cored wire, 5 nozzles (for steel cored wire: 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 0.9 mm, 1.0 mm / for aluminum cored wire: 1.0 mm – pre-assembled), 1 welding screen, 1 combination wire brush
I TIG torch and TIG electrodes not included

Technical specifications

MMA welding current: 30-140 A
MIG welding current: 50–160 A
TIG welding current: 30–200 A
Open circuit voltage: 53 V
Input: 4.3 KW

Housing: sheet steel
Knobs: Acrylonitrile / Butadiene / Styrene (ABS)
approx. 420 x 210 x 285 mm

Main unit: approx. 9 kg
Welding protection shield: approx. 174 g
Slag hammer with wire brush: approx. 89 g
Earth cable with earth clamp: approx. 400 g
MIG torch with welding line: approx. 1,509 g
MMA electrode holder: approx. 501 g
Welding nozzles (4 pieces): approx. 18.6 g
Electrodes: approx. 63 g

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  1. Gostaria de adquirir uma máquina desta :

    PARKSIDE PMSG 200 A1 com cabo de 4 mts.

    Como posso adquirir e as condições de entrega e preço ?

    Pedia essa informação .

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