SilverCrest Handheld Steam Cleaner SDR 1100 B2

For fittings, sinks, mirrors, tiles and rims
For refreshing upholstery and textiles
For all steam-compatible surfaces such as glass, ceramics, stone, metal and enamel
Small, handy and easy to store
Thorough cleaning with a powerful steam jet
Cleans, disinfects and degreases – without chemicals or cleaning agents
Eliminates 99.99% of common household bacteria
Swiveling nozzle
Short heating-up time (approx. 3 minutes)
Technical specifications
Water tank capacity: approx. 250 ml
Vapor pressure: approx. 2.8 – 3.5 bar
Power: approx. 1100 W.
scope of delivery
Extension hose
Extension nozzle
Angle nozzle
Round brush
Upholstery nozzle with cover
Window puller attachment
Measuring cup with max. Marking
Total without steam nozzle: approx. W 25 x H 23 x D 12.5 cm
Overall with steam nozzle: approx.W 30.5 x H 23 x D 12.5 cm
Extension hose (length from connection to nozzle): approx. 52 cm
Power cord: approx. 400 cm
Device without accessories: approx.1,340 g
Extension hose: approx. 193 g
Upholstery nozzle: approx. 114 g
Puller: approx. 44 g
Extension nozzle: approx.61.5 g
Fabric cover: approx.4.5 g
Round brush: approx. 16 g
Angle nozzle: approx. 5 g
Funnel: approx. 9 g
Measuring cup: approx.25.5 g

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