MIOMARE hairbrush

MIOMARE® hairbrush 1

Hairbrush oval head
Rectangular hair brush
Flat hairbrush: With rounded bristles
Round princes small
Large round brush: With heat-distributing metal body
Hairbrush oval head:
Overall: approx.B 7 x L 24.5 cm
Handle: approx. Ø 2.5 cm
Rectangular hairbrush: approx.B 4.3 x L 22.5 cm
Flat hairbrush: approx. W 8 x L 25 cm
Round princes small: approx. W 4.7 x L 24.7 cm
Large round brush: approx.W 5.8 x L 24.5 cm
Hairbrush oval head: approx. 105 g
Rectangular hairbrush: approx. 80 g
Flat hair brush: approx. 125 g
Round princes small: approx. 71 g
Large round brush: approx. 90 g

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