PARKSIDE® 2in1 long handle hot air blower / weed killer PLHLG 2000

PARKSIDE® 2in1 long handle hot air blower / weed killer »PLHLG 2000« 1

2 in 1: universal device for detaching, shaping and heating as well as for use as a weed killer or grill lighter
Versatile with a powerful 2,000 watt motor
3 adjustable temperature levels
As a hot air blower for detaching, deforming and heating and for use as a grill lighter
Rotatable blower head – usable in rod or pistol form
Can be erected upright for stationary use
Can be used as an environmentally friendly weed killer with a practical extension handle – without harmful chemicals
Handles with ergonomic, non-slip soft grip equipment
With aluminum tube extension and second handle
Including power cord strain relief
Accessories: cone nozzle for weed control, spatula nozzle, surface nozzle, reducing nozzle, grill nozzle, extension handle with handle
Technical specifications
Connected load: 2,000 watts
Max. Air flow: 500 l / min
Heating levels: 100/350/650 ° C
Blower: 3-stage
Housing: polyamide, glass fiber (PA6 + GF30)
Extension piece: aluminum alloy
Soft grip: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Hot air blower: approx. 1070 x 146 x 77 mm
Power cord length: approx. 3 m
Hot air gun without accessories: approx. 1,301 g
Hot air gun with accessories: approx. 1,468 g
Additional nozzles: approx. 167 g

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