Parkside Cordless Combi-Shear PGSA 12 A1

PARKSIDE® grass and shrub shears »PGSA 12 A1«, 12 volt, without battery and charger 1

Akku-Gras- und Strauchschere / Cordless CombiShear / Coupe-bordures/taille-haies sans fi l PGSA 12 A1

IAN: 329643

Cordless Combi-Shear PGSA 12 A1
2-in-1: for tidying lawn edges and shaping hedges
For effortless lawn edge cutting thanks to the extendable handle with wheels
Convenient shrub trimming thanks to the 180° rotatable handle with rubber non-slip grip
Tool-free click system for easy blade exchange
1 grass shear with a cutting width of 12cm
1 shrub shear with a a cutting length of 17cm and a cutting thickness of max 7.9mm
3 stage battery status indicator
Accessories: extendable handle with wheels, blade guards

Cordless grass and shrub shears with a mobile telescopic handle and tool-free click system

2 in 1: For clean lawn edges and shrubs with a perfect topiary
Effortless lawn edging with a movable telescopic handle
Comfortable shrub cut thanks to the 180 ° rotating handle with rubber coating
Tool-free click system for easy knife change
1 grass shear knife with 12 cm cutting width
1 shrub shear knife with 17 cm cutting length and a cutting thickness up to 7.9 mm
3-stage battery status display on the device
Compatible with all devices of the “PARKSIDE X 12 V Team” series
Delivery without battery and charger
You can order the right battery and charger here!

Included accessories: mobile telescopic handle, knife protection sleeves

Parkside cordless shrub shears
All compatible devices of our 12 volt series can be found here:

Technical specifications
2-in-1 device: lawn edging / topiary shrubs
Knife change: tool-free click system
Cutting width of grass shears: approx. 12 cm
Cutting length of shrub knife: approx. 17 cm
Telescopic area: approx. 28 cm
Voltage: 12 volts
With 390 DC motor, copper winding
IC protection function
Idling speed: 1200 rpm
Running time with full battery charge (idle):
with shrub shear knife: approx. 90 min
with grass shear knife: approx. 60 min
Housing, telescopic connection, telescopic slide, telescopic handle: polyamide 6 (PA6 + GF30)
Knife: steel
Knife protection: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Wheels: polypropylene (PP)
Device (without knife, with battery): approx. 343 x 130 x 177 mm
Device (without battery, without knife): approx. 531 g
Grass shear knife: approx. 210 g
Knife protection grass shear knife: approx. 38 g
Shrub shear knife: approx. 256 g
Knife protection shrub shear knife: approx. 28 g
Telescopic handle: approx. 599 g

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