PARKSIDE electric lawn trimmer »PRT 550 A3«, 550 watt motor, with edge cutting function Power: 550 watts cut-Ø: approx. 30 cm thread thickness: approx. 1.4 mm Double thread system with fully automatic adjustment Integrated cable strain relief

Powerful 550 watt motor
Double thread system with fully automatic adjustment
Telescopic guide bar for adaptation to body size – continuously adjustable in length by approx. 30 cm
Angular 6-position cutting head for optimal mowing comfort
Edge cutting function thanks to the cutting head that can be turned on both sides
Ergonomic handle with anti-slip soft grip equipment
Adjustable second handle
Protective hood with thread blade and fold-out plant protection bar
Integrated cable strain relief
Accessories: 2 thread spools that can be changed without tools (1 x pre-assembled, 1 x replacement)
Technical specifications
With AC motor, copper winding
Cutting circle: approx.Ø 30 cm
Speed: 10,000 rpm
Power consumption: 550 watts
Cutting diameter: approx. 30 cm
Thread length bobbin: approx. 2 x 5 m
Thread thickness: approx.1.4 mm

Housing and handle: polypropylene (PP)
Guide bar: aluminum
Plant protection bar: metal
approx. 91.6 – 119 x 31 x 28.3 cm
approx.2.0 kg

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