PARKSIDE garden cultivator PGK 1400 A1 Connected load : 1400 watts Idling speed: 400 rpm Working widths: approx. 40 cm / 29 cm ( 54 ) Automatic motor overload protection Height – adjustable wheels 6 specially hardened chopping stars, adjustable working width

PARKSIDE® garden cultivator PGK 1400 A1 1


For comfortable and gentle soil loosening
1400 W turbo power motor with high pulling power
6 quiet, specially hardened chopping stars
Automatic penetration up to a depth of 20 cm
Working width adjustable by removable chopping stars (approx. 29 cm / 40 cm)
Durable gear with permanent oil bath lubrication
Ergonomic, non-slip handles with integrated cable strain relief
Robust housing made of impact-resistant plastic with a central transport handle
Height-adjustable wheels for comfortable work and easy transport
Safety switch and automatic motor overload protection
Quick-release folding function for space-saving storage
Technical specifications

Connected load: 1400 watts
Idling speed: 400 rpm
Working widths: approx. 40 cm / 29 cm
Working depth: max. 20 cm

Motor housing, quick release: polyamide, glass fiber (PA6 + GF30)
Fork handle, protective cover: steel
Handles: acrylonitrile / butadiene / styrene (ABS) + thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
Cleaver: steel

1195 x 856 x 418 mm

12.3 kg

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