PARKSIDE petrol scythe PBS 2 A1 Engine output: 1.35 kW / 1.8 hp Displacement: 42.7 ccm (2-stroke) Engine speed with knife: 9,200 rpm Tank capacity: 1.2 l

PARKSIDE® petrol scythe PBS 2 A1 1


3-in-1 combination system: brush cutter, grass mower and lawn trimmer
Low-vibration 2-stroke petrol engine with max. 1.35 kW (1.85 PS)
Maintenance-free electronic ignition with pull starter
Shoulder strap with body protection and quick-release device
Ergonomic cutter bar with individually adjustable height including inclination and side extension
Primer easy start system with auto choke
3-blade steel knife for cutting thickets or
4-blade steel knife for mowing dry grass or for hay harvesting
Double thread spool with automatic tapping for lawn trimming
Easy transport and space-saving storage thanks to the tool bar that can be split without tools
Cutting diameter 3-blade – brush cutter: approx.25.5 cm
Cutting diameter 4 blades – grass mower: approx.25.5 cm
Cutting diameter of grass trimmer: approx. 43 cm
Tank volume: approx.1.2 l
Included accessories: 3-blade brush cutter, 4-blade grass mower, lawn trimmer double-thread spool with 2 x 3 m thread (Ø 2.4 mm), shoulder strap with body protection, fuel mixing bottle, spark plug wrench, 2 Allen keys (4 mm and 5 mm )
Technical details

Engine type: 2-stroke engine, air-cooled, chrome cylinder
Motor power (max.): 1.35 kW / 1.8 hp
Displacement: 42.7 cc
Tank capacity: 1.2 l
Drive: centrifugal clutch
Engine idling speed: 3000 rpm
Max. Engine speed:
with knife: 9,200 rpm
with thread spool: 8,700 rpm
Max. Cutting speed:
with knife: 7,850 rpm
with thread spool: 6,750 rpm
Cutting circle thread: Ø 43 cm
Cutting circle knife (3 tooth): Ø 25.5 cm max. 10000 rpm
Cutting circle knife (4 tooth): Ø 25.5 cm max. 10000 rpm
Fuel consumption at max. Motor output: 0.6 kg / h

Housing: polyamide, glass fiber (PA6 + GF30) and aluminum
Handle: polyamide, glass fiber (PA6 + GF30), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Tank: polyethylene (PE)
Cut protection: polypropylene (PP)

Motor unit: 258 x 940 x 276 mm
Knife and thread spool attachment: 860 x 92 x 74 mm
3-tooth cutting knife: Ø 255 mm x 25.4 x 1.4 mm
Thread spool: Ø 131 x 68 mm
Thread length: 6.0 m
Thread Ø: 2.4 mm

Motor unit: 5780 g
Knife and thread spool attachment: 1190 g
Thread spool: 414 g
3-tooth cutting knife: 221 g
4-tooth cutting knife: 323 g

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